Addressing Crime and Violence

Crime is out of control in our major cities. I am vehemently opposed to defunding the police. The reality is that when you defund the police, wealthy and safe neighborhoods do not simply become unprotected–the worse neighborhoods become unlivable. Additionally, defunding the police will lead to skyrocketing trafficking across our country. I believe when we talk about police violence and mistakes, we tend to focus on training and officer safety. Somehow, we need to invest in technology that better allows officers to make traffic stops, protect themselves, and most importantly keep the people they serve protected.

Bolstering National Security 

Biden's foreign policy has been a disaster. The Middle East is collapsing due to the U.S.’ withdrawal from Afghanistan and the failed Iran Deal. Russia has violated the sovereignty of Ukraine. China is steps away from attacking Taiwan. All of this is crumbling our National Security standing in the world. If the U.S. does not lead on the world stage, then bad actors will. This is not to say we get involved in needless or endless wars, but when we do get involved it must be quick, decisive, and accomplish a clear mission that protects the homeland.

Combatting National Debt

I believe that the greatest threat facing my generation is the national debt and rampant government spending. If we continue on our current path, our national debt will reach almost 80 trillion by 2030 when entitlements and social security are taken into the equation. Today, at birth, every child inherits a $68,000 share of the debt. We have not balanced the budget since 1999, and if we do not do so in the near future, will witness the collapse of our economy.

Defending Second Amendment Rights

Let me be clear: I will ALWAYS defend your Constitutional rights. As a proud gun owner myself, it is our right to be able to defend ourselves and protect our families from harm and tyrannical government. In Congress, I will never vote for a bill that takes away guns from Americans. I will be a champion for the Second Amendment and all of our Constitutional rights as Americans.

Protecting Small Businesses

The best way to improve the job market is to allow rapid growth of companies. This would mean keeping the Trump Tax Cuts in place, letting our businesses and economy open up 100%, and encouraging small businesses to get back to work. The tax burden placed on our businesses is outrageous and the democrats want to increase it. 

Reforming Education

Parents are the first and most important teachers children will ever have. Education policy needs to honor and support this truth. Parents need to have a say in what their children are taught (and aren’t taught). As such, education funding needs to follow students, and as much as possible, be in the control of parents. The Department of Education has become both bloated and radicalized. I am a proponent of school choice since it adds free market competition to the school system that encourages the schools to better serve their students.

Standing For Life

Life begins at conception. I am unequivocally pro-life; I will be a CHAMPION for the lives of the born and the unborn. This is an issue that defines who I am - I will never back down from advocating for the life of the unborn. We need to support these mothers and families and ensure that every baby has the right to LIFE.

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