Caleb was born and raised in Loudoun County, and grew up going to events all over the 10th district with his grandfather, Congressman Frank Wolf. From parades, fairs, and local markets, to knocking on doors and working the polls, Caleb has been active in 10th district politics for as long as he can remember. 

Caleb incorporated a commercial and residential landscape company in 2014 at the age of 17 after cutting his neighbor’s lawns since he was 13. Caleb grew this business from one mower to now having 6 crews with 15 employees and a 500 property client list.  Caleb has also experienced hardship when he bought Pica Deli in Reston, Virginia three months before the Covid pandemic. While growing the monthly gross receipts by 40 percent in his second and third months of ownership, the government forced the Deli’s closure. Caleb got a first-hand education in the government’s ineptitude in providing small business assistance, and while he was finally able to get some aid, the restrictions on its use, and its meager amount made it impossible to survive. 

Following in his Grandfather’s footsteps, Caleb became an advocate for human rights himself.  In January of 2020, Caleb started a nationwide non-profit called the Athenai Institute and in March of 2021 he helped start Stand Against Chinese Communism (SACC).  These two organizations are working to rid Chinese Communist Party Influence on college campuses across the country by removing Confucius Institutes from campuses and getting colleges to divest from China (the Washington Post just praised his efforts and credits Athenai with beginning the China divestment movement).  Caleb has a particular interest in fighting for the Uyghur Muslims -- who are experiencing a genocide in the millions.

When Biden pulled the U.S. out of Afghanistan, Caleb joined with Afghan Youth Relief Foundation to help raise over 350 pallets of goods (kurons, clothes, hygiene kits) to deliver to refugees being resettled on military bases all around the country.  Caleb was recognized by the Virginia Muslim Association as a champion of the Afghan Refugees and Muslim Community.

Soon after purchasing the Pica Deli at the beginning of 2020, COVID hit and sent Caleb’s small business, like many others, into a downward spiral. He felt first-hand the government’s ineptitude in handling the crisis. This was another motivation for Caleb to run and ensure that the government gets out of the way of business owners and provides greater opportunity to innovate and create the high-paying jobs so many Americans are looking for. 

It’s time to take back the 10th district, and bring up the next generation. That’s why Caleb is running for Congress… for country, community, and common sense.

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